HPV, Life-saving Vinegar, Life-threatening Pills, and More Weekend Links


2 thoughts on “HPV, Life-saving Vinegar, Life-threatening Pills, and More Weekend Links

  1. The response in Canada to the Yaz/Yasmin story has been underwhelming to say the least. My sexual and reproductive health colleagues are behaving like apologists for Bayer and their problematic oral contraceptives. “Talk to your doctor before making any changes” is making the rounds on Twitter, with a link to a “calm down” message at sexualityandu, the website sponsored and managed by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada. http://www.sexualityandu.ca/news-and-events/worried-about-yaz-or-yasmin

    What has not been offered is a clear offer of help to switch brands (one commenter on a Globe and Mail article said her daughter was counselled out of changing brands at one point when expressing concern about Yaz/Yasmin)

    But what makes me the angriest is the lack of courage or sense of responsibility by non-profit community SRH organizations to ask hard questions about whether or not Yaz/Yasmin just may not be worth the risk considering the multiple other brands of OCs available.

    Why not hold a public forum to discuss the concerns young women have about these drugs? The problems with Yaz/Yasmin go far beyond the reported deaths: blood clots, gall bladder disease, psychological distress among them. To just post information clearly intended to calm women’s fears and keep them on these drug in effect tells women their fears and concerns are groundless. This does not honour the commitment to feminist principles and self-determination that so many SRH organizations supposedly adhere to.

  2. In light of the last point, what WOULD happen if birth control were treated like any other drug?

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