TMI – Too Much (Menstrual) Information

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Guest Post by Michael Yazujian, Marymount Manhattan College

I found this sketch the other day when I was on It is by a sketch duo called Klepper and Grey, who are originally from Chicago, but now live in NYC. It is very similar to the “Her First Period” sketch by the Frantics (posted at re:Cycling August 5, 2011), in that things that are considered socially unacceptable to be shared are being shared in such a friendly tone; the main difference is that in this sketch the information is being shared knowingly. Both sketches make you wonder how do subjects get to a point when they are considered rude or unacceptable to discuss, even though they are so common among so many people. Things like menstruation, sex, and bowel movements are all normal bodily experiences, but they certainly don’t make appropriate dinner party conversation, or topics to share casually with an acquaintance on the street.

I’d be interested to hear comments from others about what they think the increased public display of formerly private matters means, especially when it comes to the conventional menstrual taboos.

One thought on “TMI – Too Much (Menstrual) Information

  1. That reminds me of the time I took my teenaged son with me to a medical conference at Whistler. We arrived when the reception was already in progress. I got a few snacks and a glass of wine and he filled his plate with bacon wrapped scallops. We approached a table where a nurse colleague of mine and a few others were in full swing. I introduced him to the group.
    My nurse friend asks him, knowing full well that menstruation and ovulation are the focus of my work:

    “Does your mom talk about menstrual cycles at the dinner table?”

    Without skipping a beat her replied, “Yes, and at breakfast too!”

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