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All the way to $10,000, that is. Work on the new production from Trixie Films, How to Lose Your Virginity, is nearly complete. This film promises to be an innovative exploration of the American obsession with virginity and an outstanding classroom teaching tool:

It’s a quest to dig beneath the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t double-speak of a culture that cynically encourages both virginity and promiscuity. How can young women wade through these mixed messages–like a reality show that auctions off virgins to the highest bidder or Disney starlets flashing purity rings while writhing on stripper poles–and act instead on their own needs and desires? What’s behind this strange moment in American culture?

The road to understanding our obsession with virginity takes me to places I never thought I’d go–from the set of a Barely Legal porn movie shoot in the San Fernando Valley to a Love & Fidelity Abstinence Conference at Harvard to the fitting rooms of David’s Bridal.

Can you help?  Independent women’s media needs support, and lots of small contributions add up to a big total. Visit the film’s fundraising page, and give what you can. Thanks to, almost $5000 has been raised. But there are only 23 days left to reach the $10,000 goal or they’ll get none of it (which is how Kickstarter works).

3 thoughts on “Help Trixie Films Go All the Way

  1. I just made a $25 donation and will receive a free signed DVD of the documentary when it is complete. Watch the clip. High time someone reframed the subject of virginity.

  2. Thank you so much, Laura! I really appreciate the support from you and from re: Cycling. It’s an incredibly complex and fascinating topic and we love exploring its place in our culture.

    In case anyone is interested, we’re also offering DVDs of my previous film “I Was A Teenage Feminist,” invitations to rough cut screenings and parties, and even a private screening for you and all your friends (or either film).

    Every little bit helps so please spread the word!

  3. Amazing. Yes.The virgin/slut double standard that is imposed on women certainly needs addressing. I hope you are able to finish the film soon! I will certainly be spreading the word and donating as much as I can.

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