Period Sex is a Bloody Good Time (says college newspapers)

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Back in November, we commended a bold student columnist for taking on menstrual sex in the student paper at Chico State University. In yesterday’s edition of The Faster Times, columnist Veronica Mittnacht advises a reader about how to broach the subject of period sex in a casual relationship, and works to normalize menstruation – even heavy flow.

Fortunately, most men, even if they don’t really like it [menstruation], know enough to pretend not to mind, because, after all, most women do it, and there’s not much men can do about it.  And for your purposes, for now, pretending is enough. There’s still the occasional guy who can’t handle blood, but the bell curve compensates by giving us the occasional fetishist or enthusiast to make up for it.

3 thoughts on “Period Sex is a Bloody Good Time (says college newspapers)

  1. It is interesting that most guys can handle blood in almost every aspect except for menstruation. Seeing sports player grotesquely injured or a gunman being shot to shreds is OK, but on the sight (or for some, mention) of menstruation, most men quiver. Unlike the in the “old ages” information and discussion of menstruation is quite abundant and I’d wish guys would take the time to learn a bit about it and also feel comfortable with it. The world changes daily, but I don’t think menstruation is going to change any time soon so we should all love it and take advantage of it!

    Cheers for menstrual sex and the open discussion on menstruation.

  2. I’m all for period sex but what the reader who wrote Veronica Mittnacht about her problem with heavy bleeding (and sex) also needs is advice on how to manage what is most definitely not normal. That her Gynecologist called her heavy and long menstrual bleeds “normal” is disconcerting at best. Please, somebody send her the link to CeMCOR’s article on managaing heavy menstrual flow. Well, maybe I’ll do it.

  3. Good call, Laura! I didn’t zero on the fact that she might find some ways to manage the flow more comfortably – I was focused on the “every woman’s cycle is different and that’s normal” aspect of the diagnosis.

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